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  • Q: What's available in here?
    A: See below:

    UO-PHY1124-TAFundamentals of Physics for Engineers
    UO-PHY1721-TAPrincipes de Physique I
    UO-PHY2723-TAÉlectricité et magnétisme
    UO-PHY5100Advanced Solid State Physics
    UO-PHY5170Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    Gaussian moment integralHow to evaluate the integral of $x^n e^(x^2)$
    δ(f(x))A note about composing the Dirac delta with another function, possibly a scalar field
    Finite reservoir heat engineHeat engine operating between two finite identical reservoirs
  • Q: This isn't LaTeX. What crazy file format is this?
    A: LyX. It exports to LaTeX just fine (internally it uses LaTeX directly for mathematics).

  • Q: I can't/don't want to install LyX. Could you provide PDFs?
    A: Prebuilt PDFs and LaTeX code here.

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